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      Analysis of the development of domestic enterprises in the industrial automation system industry

      發布時間:2018-04-13 15:13:56訪問:52

      At present, domestic manufacturers of automation products mainly focus on DCS systems, industrial instrumentation, industrial software and so on. After decades of development and accumulation, some professional companies have produced and have certain competitiveness.
      (1) PLC
      Due to the rapid development of computer network technology and integrated circuits, PLC is developing towards miniaturization, miniaturization and high speed. In application, PLC can be connected with the host computer, or PLC can be hung down to form a distributed control system. PLC has been widely used in metallurgy, electricity, petroleum, chemical industry, building materials, machinery, light industry, food, municipal, transportation and military industries.
      According to FROST&SULLIVA report of the US, the global PLC rose from 3 billion 900 million US dollars in 1993 to US $7 billion 600 million in 2000, from 46% of the industrial computer market to 50%.
      Experts estimate that in 2000, PLC's domestic market sales reached 15~20 million, about 25~35 billion, of which imports accounted for about 90%. The above data show that China's PLC market is almost occupied by foreign products, and the market share of domestic PLC products is less than 10%. (the above PLC statistics include small PLC)
      According to experts, the annual growth rate of domestic PLC products is 12% in order to meet the needs of technical transformation in oil, chemical, electric, municipal and other industries. By 2005, the demand for PLC will reach about 250 thousand sets and about RMB 35~45 billion yuan.
      At present, there are about 200 PLC manufacturers worldwide, producing more than 300 varieties. The main foreign manufacturers include Siemens, Modicon, A-B, OMRON, MITSUBISHI, GE, Fuji, Hitachi, and so on. According to the results of the 98 year survey of the electronics department, the users of Siemens products used in China accounted for 20.8%, Modicon accounted for about 14%, A-B14%, OMRON14% accounted for 14, MITSUBISHI 8.3%, GE6.25%, Fuji 4.2%, and the other (Hitachi, Guangyang, etc.) 4%.
      Domestic PLC products are still dominated by foreign products, and are mainly products of Siemens, Modicon, A-B, OMRON, MITSUBISHI and GE.
      (2) DCS system
      The research work of China's domestic DCS started earlier, and the introduction and absorption of the foundation began in the middle of 1970s. In the early 80s, the technical work was started. From the end of 80s to early 90s, the world famous DCS manufacturers basically set up a joint venture or branch in China, and began a large-scale market division and basically completed in the early 90s. At that time, China's main industries such as power, petrochemical, building materials and metallurgy were basically imported into DCS.
      The main manufacturers of DCS are concentrated in the United States, Japan, Germany and other countries. Such as the TDC3000\MICROTDC3000 of HONEYWELL in the United States, TDC3000X and so on; I/AS of FOXBORO; WDPF of WESTINGHOUSE; NETWORK90, INFI90 of WAILEY; CENTUM in Henghe, CS; Germany;
      From the beginning of 90s, China began to form several DCS specialized companies based on independent research and development, such as Beijing's harmony company and space TT & C company, Hangzhou's Zhejiang University control company and Weisheng company, and Shanghai's Xinhua company. These companies not only occupy a certain market share, accumulate the development of capital and technology, but also reduce the price of the system introduced abroad, and contribute to the automation of our country. For example, the products of Shanghai Xinhua and Beijing Alice have basically replaced the import system in the control system of large thermal power units. On the basis of the extension of the multi set 200 thousand KW thermal power unit control system, we are trying to enter the control system of 300 thousand KW and 600 thousand KW thermal power units.
      (3) industrial PC machine
      According to FROST&SULLIVA report of the US, the sales of the global industrial PC machine market increased from US $1 billion 20 million in 1997 to US $1 billion 370 million. Foreign manufacturers are mainly from Taiwan Advantech, the US INTEL, IBM, SIEMENS and so on.
      The main manufacturers in China have the study of PL, Beijing Kang Tuo industrial computer company, Beijing institute automation system company, Beijing industrial control computer factory, Beijing macro extension industrial control, Beijing the Great Wall industrial control, North China University, Peking University Founder, Shanghai Kang Tai Electronics Technology Company, North China industrial control, HHL automation engineering company, The national aerospace industry general company, Mount Li company and so on.
      According to the 98 year survey of the Ministry of electronics, China's industrial PC market is dominated by overseas products such as Taiwan Yanhua and INTEL, but domestic products also share a certain market share.
      (4) field bus control system
      Fieldbus control technology brings a revolution to the control system architecture, and the FCS will replace the traditional DCS. In order to speed up the development of field bus technology in China during the "95" period, the state supported the establishment of "the field bus Specialized Committee of China mechatronics technology and Application Association" and the "China Instrument and Instrument Association field bus Specialized Committee" to promote the industry work, while in Chongqing, Xi'an and Shanghai, the three major production bases The technical transformation is focused on the development and engineering of the intelligent instrument and field bus technology, supplementing and perfecting the process equipment, development equipment and testing equipment, establishing the production base of intelligent instrument and development automation system, and forming a moderate scale economy. Focus on joint efforts to solve the 50 basic products and basic products and other necessary support software development. Key development pressure, differential pressure transmitter series, temperature transmitter series, flow meter series, actuator and valve positioner series and more than 100 varieties. Beijing Cantor Technology Development Corporation has developed a ITT intelligent temperature transmitter using HART protocol with digital analog characteristics. The HART fieldbus network is composed of ITT intelligent temperature transmitter and other HATT products.
      (5) industrial instruments and instruments
      Instruments and meters are widely used in the measurement and control of the process flow of equipment and transformation of traditional industries, and are important components of modern large-scale key equipment. The foreign-funded enterprises in the instrumentation industry have already had a considerable scale. In the 1-9 month of 2001, the sales revenue of foreign-funded enterprises amounted to 11 billion 960 million yuan, accounting for 36.8% of the sales revenue of the industry. At present, domestic manufacturing enterprises are mainly private enterprises that have passed through and developed rapidly after the reorganization and reorganization. More influential in the industry are: Shanghai automation instrument Limited by Share Ltd, Chongqing Sichuan General Factory and the 500 top fourth - and fifth - ranking Wenzhou CHINT group and deli group in the national private enterprises.
      (6) RTU
      RTU products mainly apply power grid dispatching SCADA system, substation automation control, oil field automation, oil transmission and gas pipeline network monitoring system, urban water supply and gas supply network monitoring and control system. The use of the power industry is the largest.
      The major foreign manufacturers include GEHarris's D10/D20/D25/D200; Fisher - Rosemont (F-RSOEMOUNT) ROC products include ROC-300 series general RTU (199l introduced in 199l) with ROC306, ROC312, ROC3, and also SIEMENS, ABB, and other companies also develop their own products, but their products are mainly their own companies Provide service.
      Domestic manufacturers include: Dongfang Electronics of the power industry, NR group, Shandong Jicheng, etc., Beijing oil control company, Jiangsu Huasheng and other companies.
      (7) industrial software
      The automation software mainly includes HMI, PC based control software, production execution management software and corresponding services. Its main functions and features: dynamic visualization of industrial process; data acquisition and management; process monitoring and alarm; report function; providing data for other enterprise class programs; simple loop regulation; batch processing; SPC process quality control; conforming to IEC1131-3 standards
      At present, there are less than 20 famous automation software manufacturers in the world, but the first 6 occupy 75% of the total market share, such as INTELLUTION, ROCKWELL, WONDERWARE and so on. The domestic market can be subdivided into high-end and middle and low ends. The high-end market is basically made up of foreign brand software such as iFIX, INTOUCH, WINCC, CITECT, CIMPLICITY and RSVIEW, such as the main production line control of large enterprises and large enterprises, such as some national large projects and large enterprises. The high-end market is characterized by small installed capacity but large single machine sales.  More than 1000 sets. Nearly 10 automation software companies in China mainly occupy the middle and low end market, and Beijing Asia Control Technology Development Co., Ltd. has about 5000 sets of annual installed capacity of the Kingview, and other such as Beijing Kunlun Tong state automation software technology Co., Ltd. MCGS, controX2000, century star, sky work and so on.

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