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      The future demand for China's largest automation market comes from the consumer goods industry.

      發布時間:2018-04-13 15:09:05訪問:47

      21 CBR: the Chinese government wants to transform existing Internet behind the level of manufacturing in the rockwell automation for China's manufacturing and China's manufacturing enterprises to provide solutions, the Internet is how to change China's manufacturing industry and manufacturing enterprises in China?
      John Watts: over the past two decades, rockwell automation has promoted the use of unmodified, standard, and open industrial Ethernet technologies for networking. One advantage of doing this is by the network can not only connect the related automation equipment, also can connect barcode scanner and closed-circuit television and other equipment, using the same standard network connecting the two aspects of production and management.
      We call this network Ethernet/IP, which USES Ethernet protocols to achieve the security required to transfer data. Because of it and business systems using the same communication protocol, easily to the factory production control information transmission to the enterprise business system, as well as all over the world on a mobile device, so that it can realize remote maintenance and even remote operation.
      Made in 21 CBR: America's "smart", Germany "4.0", China's "2025" made in China, and the recent very hot "Internet +", there is a connection between them and "Internet enterprise"? What do they have in common and different?
      John Watts: China is to promote the revitalization of manufacturing plan or strategy and made "smart" in the United States and Germany "industrial 4.0" similar, these projects are designed to promote the domestic manufacturing industry to mature and more globally competitive.
      Rockwell automation scheme of "Internet enterprise's unique is that it provides an effective path for intelligent manufacturing, and by building a scalable infrastructure, to help enterprises realize interconnection of different size. The advantage of the scalability also displays in the future when made "smart" and "4.0" industrial research and development of advanced technology development matures, companies can take these techniques include, build a more advanced "enterprise" of the Internet.
      In addition, what I want to emphasize is that the core of "Internet enterprises" is the integration of information technology (IT) and operation technology (OT), which is highly consistent with the concept of "in-depth integration of two cultures" and "Internet plus" in China.
      21CBR: rockwell automation has become a strategic partner with cisco and Microsoft, forming a partnership alliance. Why choose these partners?
      John Watts: collaboration is the key to success in promoting "connected enterprises", which cannot be achieved without an ecological chain. The partnership alliance program includes several types of partnerships: at the enterprise level, rockwell automation and the enterprise collaborate in the form of strategic alliances. At the sales and solutions level, rockwell automation works with distributors, system integrators, and oems. At the product and technical level, rockwell automation co-owns the Encompass project and licensed developers.
      These partners' products and services can improve our solutions and help customers streamline their supply chains, streamline project implementation, and maximize the value of automated investments.
      21CBR: is rockwell automation's presence in China commensurate with its potential size? If it's too low, what's the cause? If it's high, what's the reason? How does rockwell automation maintain and improve?
      Towers over Europe: 27 years ago China was a small market, but now it's the second largest market outside the United States. Now the Chinese economy has entered a new normal, which means new opportunities, such as increasing production capacity, increasing efficiency and reducing energy consumption, are created for this purpose. Despite the changing situation, we believe that China may develop into the world's largest automation market in the future.
      21CBR: which segments of China have great potential? How does rockwell automation develop these segments and what capabilities can it support?
      Towers over euromonitor: in the next five to 20 years, China's biggest market demand will be driven by the middle class, and the demand for automation in the corresponding consumer goods industry will continue to increase. These industry related products style each different, often require different forms of packaging, so the major consumer goods companies need more high-quality product technology, control technology and software technology, the faster time-to-market and lower the manufacturing cost, this will be the trend of the development of industry.
      John Watts: for rockwell automation, whether it's cars, tires, food and beverage and dairy industries, we have mature solutions in these industries.

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